Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Close Encounters – Belgian Wave


Part 1: HOLY SHIP: AUGUST 11, 1972 – A number of Christian youth have assembled for a retreat on a hillside in Taize, France when they see what they think is a falling star. But the ‘star’ lands on a hill opposite them, and is making a vibration sound when it lights up. It appears to emit solid beams of light for over two hours. Some of the teenagers walk closer to the object and shine their flashlights, but the beams of their flashlights bend as though they are being repelled by the object.

Part 2: BELGIAN WAVE: NOVEMBER 29, 1989 – Two Belgian police officers are on routine patrol close to the German border when they see an empty field lit up by intensely bright lights. At first, they think it is a helicopter. But as they get closer, they see a large triangular-shaped craft moving slowly across the field. As it moves away, they decide to chase it. They follow the craft to a lake where it hovers and shoots out what appear to be red balls of light. Thirty different groups of witnesses, including three separate teams of police officers report seeing this low flying object in the sky that night. It becomes the first of many sightings between 1989-1990 throughout Belgium.


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