Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon or UAP: (UFOs)


This site does not advocate the UFO/Alien conjecture regarding UAP’s as found all over the Internet by self-proclaimed experts. This elusive global Enigma is not understood by our current science and the laws of physics and after decades of gathering evidence and research remains unsolved. I am dedicated to the examination and analysis, with evidence, of the UAP/UFO Phenomenon. My purpose is to promote serious scientific interest in UAP/UFO Reality for Scientists, Academics, Investigators, and most importantly, the General Public.
T. Blank

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Here is a photograph of an Unidentified Aerial Object taken from an aircraft at 30,000 ft.
This Object Makes Sense Because It Doesn’t Make Sense.  –  T. Blank

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon or commonly known as a UFOs. This photograph was taken with a stereoscopic camera of a genuine, unidentifiable flying object from an aircraft’s window at 30,000 ft. by the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek, an astronomer, hired by the U.S. Air Force’s “Project Blue Book”, (from 1952 to 1969), to “explain away” UAP reports made by the public.

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J. Allen Hynek, investigator and scientific adviser for the U.S. Air Force’s “Project Blue Book” witnessed a UAP while flying as a passenger aboard an airliner and took a couple of pictures of the unidentified object.

“He suddenly noticed a white object at his altitude, seemingly flying at the same speed as the plane and made sure it wasn’t a reflection and quickly snapped some pictures”.

Dr. Hynek was able to get two pairs of stereoscopic photographs of the UAP but unfortunately the negatives seem to be misplaced or forever lost.

The pictures were included in Hynek’s book “The UFO Experience” and other than asking the readers what the object might be , he didn’t say very much about the sighting.

The importance of stereoscopic photographs cannot be overemphasized. Such a camera is of outstanding evidentiary value. Hynek, in effect, had captured a possible Holy Grail on film.

Dr. Hynek, a scientist, an astronomer, was a sceptic at first and came up with various “explanations”, i.e. swamp gas, meteors, the planet Venus for example, to ease public hysteria at the time…the old flying saucer scare of the 50′s and 60′s.

After running this P.R. front, with the data he accumulated and after strict scientific scrutiny, Hynek  reversed his scepticism and came to the conclusion that about 10% of the reports were of a “high strangeness”, “Trickster” nature, truly representing some kind of an unknown enigma coming and going in our air space at will.

Take a close look at this object, open your mind for a minute, take this photo at face value for now.

Full Images.

Figures 9 and 10 From His Book. (Poor Quality)

One has to think outside the box and try to understand this mysterious flying object pacing the airplane. Is it alive or some kind of craft or both or neither? I’ve been trying to figure this out for decades to no avail.

I’m convinced this object is beyond our science and technology, definitely beyond human comprehension. I don’t know if it’s coming or going in relation to the airplane. It appears to be self-luminous, a very common characteristic of the phenomenon observed, like some of our deep-sea bio-luminescent creatures many kilometers below our ocean’s surface.

Or it might be some energy source inside of a body of something that might be invisible to us that’s surrounding it. Like the engine of a car with an invisible chassis. Or like the heart of a human being with an invisible body. I know I’m reaching here but I challenge anyone out there with a theory of their own.

The object doesn’t even look entirely solid, another aspect of the phenomenon reported. Not totally physical as we know it. Perhaps this is another clue to the “high strangeness” nature of some UAPs?

Notice the two appendages on top resembling the “nacelles” like Star Trek’s Enterprise’s nacelles. At the bottom you can see a row of lights. This object makes sense because it doesn’t make sense. It is not a photo defect as some narrow-minded skeptics claim. It has symmetry to it.

A lot of UAP reports are of a disc-like nature including my experience (See my first post). However, most UAP reports are difficult to describe. The witnesses tend to “grope for words” trying to describe their experience by relating to everyday objects they can associate with like an “upside down ice cream cone”, a “large walnut”, or a car “standing on end” to an enormous “Ferris Wheel” in the sky, (Description of my own experience along with others).

Isn’t this fascinating? Aren’t you curious? I’m totally awed by this phenomenon. I truly wish mainstream scientists would ignore the stigma attached to this “giggle factor” and take the first step to try to solve this mystery. Who knows, you might be the next Einstein.

Are you listening Dr. Michio Kaku? (Mr. Colorful) 😉


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