Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon – My UAP Report With Drawings – Updates 1 And 2


Report First Page

Report Second Page

Drawing 1

Drawing 2

Update Drawing 1

Update Drawing 2

Enormous Structured Craft

Enormous Structured Craft

It was identical to this except the lights were all the same color in my case, if memory serves.

Circle of lights

UPDATE 1 – I just found a video on the Web and edited out this short video but I couldn’t upload it (Still a newbie), so here is a screencap from it. It’s almost identical, the traffic, at night, but my sighting was in winter. Click on the picture for a larger image.


UPDATE 2I Learned How To Edit A Video Clip I Downloaded Off Of The Internet.

Here is a clip which resembled my experience almost exactly. (Screencap Above)

Windows Media – Circle Of Lights

MP4 – Circle Of Lights

Here is a photo I found which is literally identical to my sighting. It’s from the 80’s also.

I’ve seen through the looking glass

By T. Blank

My Official UAP Report Including My Drawings

I’ve Seen Through The Looking Glass


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