Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Breakaway Civilizations: Are We An Uncontacted Tribe?

I’m absolutely convinced that I had a glimpse of some kind of “craft” from another reality.       One that is invisible to us naturally or by design.


I had a life-altering experience approximately 30 years ago around the late 70’s or early 80’s. I witnessed some kind of enormous, structured, circular, Unidentified Aircraft with lights around the perimeter. I still remember it today as if it happened yesterday. Read About It Here.

I was shocked and dumfounded, I couldn’t believe it. It looked literally identical to this photo, also from the 80s. See “My Official UAP Report


Since this experience, long before the Internet, I collected newspaper reports, read many books, went to libraries and watched documentaries to try to find some answers. Most articles suggested we were being visited by extraterrestrial beings from other stars. It was a plausible theory at first, and I jumped on the UFO/ET idea also like the rest of the world. However, after the advent of the web, I started to doubt that theory. A lot of aspects of the UAP mystery didn’t seem to fit the ET hypothesis. I’ll write about that in the future.

Years ago, I came across a National Geographic article about an uncontacted tribe discovered in Brazil. Then it hit me. This tribe knows nothing of world events that are going on all around them, they know nothing of modern technology, science or math. What if our civilization are the same way only on a greater scale? What if we are an uncontacted tribe surrounded by other realities which are invisible to us naturally or by design? In other words, are we surrounded by other civilizations that are undetectable by our technology and beyond human perception?

This photo was taken from a small airplane that flew over an uncontacted tribe and was fired upon by arrows, the natives had no idea what it was. To them it was a strange, silver bird, from another reality.

Is this the same thing millions of folks around the globe are seeing, crafts from different realities like parallel Universes and/or different dimensions? My gut feeling tells me this is more plausible than ETs from deep space for various reasons.

Take a look at this brief video. Put yourself in their shoes.

Did they just witness their version of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon? Think about it.

By T. Blank

My Official UAP Report Including My Drawings

I’ve Seen Through The Looking Glass, Outside The Fishbowl


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