Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Could This Old VHS Video Be A Genuine UAP?


For the folks who know me, you know how skeptical I am regarding purported UAP photos or videos found all over the fake news, venomous web. Once in a while, maybe four times in decades, I make an exception. Here is one. Check out the videos (2)

Consider this. I’ve read many reports of the bobbing and bouncing up and down of the objects. It looks like this object is suspended in a powerful magnetic field. I’ve seen this before in experiments, objects, like a frog, being suspended in a magnetic field, wobbling and bouncing around.

Listen to the excitement from the videographer, a dead giveaway. Notice the abrupt, purposeful, change in direction. It’s not being blown around in the wind as some have suggested. The videographer is having difficulties following the object as it moves around, another dead giveaway. This actually gives it more credibility. I’ve experienced the same thing taping motor sports event, airshow’s etc.. It’s recorded in VHS, difficult to hoax. I could go on.

I’m not trying to sell this video as an authentic UAP. I or we just don’t have any data to study, let alone come to any scientific conclusion regarding its authenticity.

Did some searching and got help from a member of a Facebook group who pointed me to the witness and his statement.

Vasily Goloschapov

“July 2, 2002, near Perm anomaly zone I have managed to shoot a UFO on my video camera (it was already the third time since 1995). Studio PRO producer V.G. (Yekaterinburg) who was doing this investigation of this case admitted: “To be honest I was shocked. It was so real and simple. It behaves very intelligently. At first, it jumps like a ball, hanged on rubber and then it maneuvered left and right. The distance to the object was approximately 350-200 meters. I’d never seen this kind of video before.”

The object had a form of a sphere. A local man from that area said, that the sphere had black color.

B. came to the place alone just to videotape a cedar tree – the only tree in that area. He borrowed the camera from his friend only for short period. After 5 minutes of video shooting, B. has noticed all of a sudden some movement close to him. When he realized, that was a UFO, he hesitated a little and started to watch it: “By doing this I was confused and forgot, that I had a camera. When I finally realized that I could shoot it, I took the camera but the object has disappeared. I was overwhelmed by disappointment. I was running back in the forest looking for that object. Nothing happened. And suddenly I noticed it on the distance of 50 meters over a glade. I started to shoot it.”

After 50 seconds he switched off his camera and try to come close to that object. But some invisible “wall” had stopped him.

“It looked as if they wanted to warn me that I should not approach anymore. I put the camera on tape just from the spot when I had stopped. The sphere started to make a jumping movement. It looked like a letter V. After few seconds the object suddenly moved left and had stopped for a fraction of a second. Then it flew to the right, crossed the glade and stopped above the forest. The jumps were resumed, but this time they were like a ball, hanged on the rubber band. Up and down. After a couple of seconds, the film in my camera was ended. Automatically the camera started to wind the film backward.”

He noticed this and tried to find out what had happened with the cassette. Meanwhile, the object has vanished.

Here is an opinion of one expert, who led the investigation of this event. Goloschapov Vasily Vladimirovitch is a producer and author of video about Perm anomalous zone. He stated: “B. called me right after he shoots the object and with trembling voice had said that he had taped something extraordinary. After few days I arrived at the place where the event had happened. After watching the tape it became clear that B. had managed to tape on the camera exactly 1 minute and 40 seconds of UFO images. Knowing these cases as a specialist I was viewing the video and had noticed that there was a glow around the UFO. And it looked like the light was emanating from the sphere. This glow reminds humane aura of rounded shape. When I watched the video more closely I found out the sphere was not exactly round. It has some ledges in its upper and lower ends and the upper ledge was larger than the lower one. The upper ledge looked darker than the main body of the sphere.”

Searching For The Sphere.

Higher Quality Video.


Frankly, my gut feeling and common sense tell’s me that this could very well be the real thing.

But of course, I could be wrong. 😉

Courtesy of rufors.ru

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