Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Close Encounters – Blind Date


Episode 1: BLIND DATE: NOVEMBER 2, 1971 – 16-year-old Ron Johnson is feeding the family sheep when he suddenly sees a mushroom-shaped object appearing in the field. As he moves in to get a closer look, he is blinded by the glowing light emitted from the object. After he regains his vision, Ron races back to his family house to alert his Mother and Father, Erma and Durel. They see the object as it disappears and then discover a glowing ring on the ground. Erma Johnson touches the substance and her fingers immediately go numb. She would experience numbness in her fingers for the rest of her life.

Part 2: FLYING HOUSE: JANUARY 5, 2000 – Three police officers from a number of small towns in southern Illinois track an unknown object flying in the sky. As they maintain radio contact with each other, they describe the object being as large as a house, triangular in shape and traveling at treetop level at varying speeds. Dozens of other witnesses come forward and report seeing the same object in the sky that night.


T. Blank

My Official UAP Report Including My Drawing

I’ve Seen Through The Looking Glass, Outside The Fishbowl


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