Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: UFO Believers: The Useful Idiots


“Useful idiot” from Wikipedia, In political jargon, useful idiot is a pejorative term for people perceived as propagandists for a cause whose goals they do not understand, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

There is a fundamental problem in Ufology. The snag is that around 95% are made up of “UFO believers”, not objective, scientific, truth seekers.

A lot of us have been asked “Do you believe in UFOs?”. Although I’ve witnessed Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon myself with dozens of others who came forward and reported it, (See my first post) I always say no, I don’t “believe” in UFOs. Why? Because of this word, “believe” isn’t in my vocabulary regarding this matter.

The UFO believers are no different from people who believe in God, Angels, The Devil, Mermaids, Fairies, leprechaun’s etc.. If someone asked me if I’m aware of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, then of course!..110%. yes! Because I’m a witness.

Why do we, Homo Sapiens, believe? Because we are the only animals on Earth that can reason and know in advance that we’re all going to die one day and our strongest instinct is to survive, to prevent death, just like any other animal on Earth.

So we make up a belief system of Deities, Afterlives, Extraterrestrial Saviors and so on. It is our way of coping with the knowledge of our limited lifespans. Nobody wants to die. Here starts the problem when it comes to the UAP enigma and the cover-up campaign from the powers to be. Obviously the UAP mystery is worldwide and has been here since recorded history.

Man is slowly becoming aware of this phenomenon as we, centuries ago, became aware that shooting stars were actually meteors, not falling stars. Science simply hasn’t caught up with it yet. The perfect scenario to spread misinformation, disinformation and outright lies for the UFO believers to embrace and spread like a virus.

These UFO believers and the B.S that brainwashed them is a useful tool, for the useful idiots, to hide the true nature of the UAP problem. Government’s around the world don’t want to admit that strange objects are coming and going in their air spaces at will and there’s nothing they can do about it. They don’t want to lose control over the populace. Enter the UFO believers, the useful idiots, and the countless conspiracy theories that have spawned.

Speaking of conspiracy theories. Since the advent of the internet, I’ve watched all kinds of conspiracy theories virtually explode. That’s all they are, just conspiracy theories, without evidence let alone proof, for the gullible, ignorant, naive “sheeple” to swallow and spread. The conspiracy theory disease is growing exponentially.

Silly things like 9/11 was an inside job. Ya right. It takes weeks or even months to prepare a building for demolition. Geeez, they must have done it when they built the towers in the 70s or were there secret agents climbing the stairs, with the firefighters, to plant explosives in the exact spots where the planes hit and the towers gave way??? See how nonsensical that is?

The moon landings were hoaxed. Yup, spend billions of dollars to hoax the landings, all 6 times?

Indian Ocean Tsunami was man-made. Uhh Hu. Yup, India trying to steal a march on Pakistan in the race towards nuclear weapons, testing them in the ocean and causing the earthquake which started the tsunami?

The Roswell cover up. If there was an Extraterrestrial spaceship crash, and the prime directive was non-interference with a primitive race, then they would have retrieved the wreckage before the military would have arrived at the scene.

NASA Is covering up an Alien Civilization on Mars. Why in the world would they do that? As technology advances, any backyard astronomer can reveal this to the world, spilling the beans.

Crash retrieval of Extraterrestrial space craft. This just doesn’t make sense to me. “The UFO believers” want you to accept the notion that the alleged Roswell UAP crash happens all over the globe. Hell, there’s the German Roswell, Canadian Roswell, Romania, Kazakhstan, Poland, Laredo, Texas, Brighton, England, Australian…etc.. etc.. So does this mean that these sophisticated Extraterrestrial spacecraft are crashing more often than our primitive airliners? I think not!

Area 51 – It’s only for testing secret military hardware and other advanced technologies. The only reverse engineering I’m aware of is foreign, terrestrial technologies, like the Soviet MIG 21 from a defecting pilot. no mystery here.

The Reptilians – Shape shifting alien reptiles? Come on. This is absolutely ridiculous. Sounds like a B sci-fi movie.

Ancient Astronauts – UFO believers wants us to think that some of Man’s Greatest Marvels, like the pyramids, were helped by aliens? Give us humans some credit for Christ’s sake. Just because we don’t fully understand how these structures were built…yet, doesn’t mean aliens did it.

War in space with ET? What? American’s are fighting a war with Extraterrestrials, who could be a million years ahead of us and we still haven’t lost? Totally absurd. A non starter.

United States government conspires with Extraterrestrials involved in the abduction and manipulation of citizens. Even Hollywood can come up with a better script than that.

Princess Diana’s death. Yup, must be a plot because she was dating a Muslim.

Big Business wants Marijuana Outlawed.

Paul McCartney is dead.

The Bermuda Triangle nonsense.

2012 and the End of the World. It’s 2016 and we’re still here.

Illuminati and Majestic-12.

Planet X.

Flat Earth Society.

The Face on Mars…the list goes on and on. Absurd!

Never has it been so easy to cover-up the UAP mystery by pulling the wool over our eyes. When a mass sighting occurs over a city, for example, that has been witnessed by hundreds of folks, the military quickly scrambles numerous aircraft shortly after or during the event and do their flare runs…near a major city? The Phoenix Lights?

These look like flares to me.

Phoenix Lights

In my opinion, these actions, if real, has a dual purpose to it. First, to try to gather more data on the phenomenon and second, to take the witnesses attention towards our aircraft over here instead of that strange object over there.

Then the Internet goes viral with all kinds of misinformation and disinformation clouding the whole issue. YouTube is suddenly flooded with deliberate, grainy, explainable, points of light in the sky. Anyone or any institution can post misleading videos or pictures just to discredit Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon to add to “The Giggle Factor”, discouraging mainstream scientists from investigating this enigma.

After a while people are confused and the incident is soon forgotten.

I love the web. I can travel the globe in my underwear at home. But it is also an excellent tool for misinformation and disinformation. Anyone can put up a website and write and say what they want without discretion.

“The UFO believers” are starving for a savior from another planet to worship. Same as the religious folks who pray to Deities, to be saved from ourselves. For the UFO believers, aliens from space is just a 21st century religion. Nobody wants to die so it is a lot more comforting to “believe” in cosmic Gods coming on judgment day to cure us from our evils, cure our diseases and give us eternal life. Hell, I wish I was a believer. It would make my life, with all the mistakes I’ve made, so much easier to accept.

In short, The UFO Believers and the countless conspiracy theories are a huge detriment to this phenomenon discouraging mainstream scientists from taking this enigma seriously. I hope I’m still above ground when the true nature of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon will be public knowledge.

It will be a day when we humans will find our true place in this vast, ancient Cosmos.

By T. Blank

My Official UAP Report Including My Drawings

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  3. In the Above picture…
    The event was REAL. How ever, the picture above WAS flares.
    The event took place at dusk almost dark, at least an hour before the flares were dropped. There weren’t many lights that could be seen on the ship depending on which angle the viewer was facing it, it was a large black triangle, that was a little blacker than the dusk sky behind it, and blocked out the stars behind it. Many saw it. Hundreds and hundreds. but very few good photo’s could be taken of it. the good ones which surfaced became confiscated by investigators.
    Military planes were directed later after fact to recon the area, and to drop flares.
    the flare pics are Both the majority of pics which made it to main stream media, AND the reason the event was wrongly named the phoenix lights.
    This is what happens when media, with an agenda for cover ups, gets involved.

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