Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: A Commercial Pilot And UAP Skeptic Photographs Unidentified Aerial Object Over Caloundra, Australia

A Commercial Pilot And UAP Skeptic Photographs Unidentified Aerial Object


Note: I usually don’t post images of alleged unidentified aerial phenomenon as they can easily be misidentification’s of explainable objects. However, in this case, the witness is an experienced pilot and was a hard-core skeptic regarding the UAP enigma.

A commercial pilot with more than 30 years’ flying experience has been left scratching his head over mysterious lights he saw over Caloundra, Australia on Good Friday.

The pilot, who does not want to be identified, said he had never seen anything through the cockpit window that compared to the experience. It has the self-confessed “world’s greatest skeptic” questioning everything he believes about UAPs. The Pelican Waters man was admiring the sky with friends about 8pm last Friday when they first saw two coloured lights in the sky.

He said they reminded him of Chinese lanterns, rising high into the sky and heading south and then east.

Then a third warm-orange glow appeared and suddenly changed direction, tracked north-east and quickly disappeared. “We were looking for an identifier; a beacon or strobe light but there wasn’t any,” he said. “I thought it had the characteristics of an object that could fly and I was curious as to what the lights were.”

Still not thinking “UAP”, he grabbed his camera and took this photo

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon

It was only when he downloaded the images to his computer he was able to zoom in and see what appeared to be wing tips and the slight outline of an aircraft-like body. “I was surprised … with the clarity with the camera,” he said. “At first I was curious because it was moving so quickly, moving at a speed that I have never seen a lantern or something of that sort doing. “When we zoomed in later we thought, ‘Wow, that has a shape to it’.” While there were other planes and helicopters in the sky that night, he said none of them had the same flight pattern.

He is open to the possibility of it being a military operation, but he said he didn’t think they resembled that type of aircraft either. “I have heard of and seen many, many things in my career and have flown all over the world … but nothing like this,” he said. “I think it is fascinating and if there is some credibility to it … it has changed my mind that there could be something else out there.”
Courtesy of ufodigest.com

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Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Former Beatle Sensation, John Lennon’s Amazing UFO/UAP Experience


According to UAP research by various organizations, approximately one out of ten people have witnessed the phenomenon at some time in their lives. Out of that number, approximately one out of ten of those witnesses actually report or tell about their experience for a number of reasons, which is understandable, including the ridicule associated with the phenomenon.

That includes the rich and famous of course!

In 1974, former Beatle John Lennon witnessed an unidentified aerial object in New York City. He was living in an apartment in Manhattan with girlfriend May Pang when he saw the saucer-shaped craft.

It wasn’t just a light in the sky and there were other witnesses. This sighting was up-close, of a huge craft, and it happened right outside Lennon’s 52nd Street apartment. He wasn’t afraid to talk about it and, in fact, he famously wrote about it in a song. This was “Nobody Told Me” and, as Lennon sang it, “There’s UFOs over New York and I ain’t too surprised… Nobody told me there’d be days like these. Strange days indeed.”

The sighting occurred when he was living with May Pang, his so-called “personal secretary” who’d turned into a lover during Lennon’s separation from Yoko Ono. It was a hot August night, August 23, 1974, when John Lennon walked out on his balcony facing the East River to catch a cool breeze. He was completely naked. He started yelling at Pang to come out to the terrace.

When she did, she saw what he saw. According to her description later, it was a “large, circular object coming towards us. It was shaped like a flattened cone and on top was a large, brilliant red light, not pulsating as on any of the aircraft we’d see heading for a landing at Newark Airport. When it came a little closer, we could make out a row or circle of white lights that ran around the entire rim of the craft – these were also flashing on and off. There were so many of these lights that it was dazzling to the mind.

It was, I estimate, about the size of a Lear jet and it was so close that if we had something to throw at it, we probably would have hit it quite easily.” The sighting lasted from five to ten minutes, and the UAP drifted away and came back before sprinting off into the sky. Apparently, Lennon and Pang weren’t the only ones to see the unidentified aircraft, multiple other witnesses (at least seven) had called city newspapers.

It took a lot of courage for Lennon to talk this openly. For starters, he was a Beatle and everyone knew he’d taken his share of mind-altering drugs. Then there was the fact that he wasn’t dressed when he saw it. Under those conditions, to come forward to talk about seeing a UAP was to risk certain ridicule from at least some people, if not a majority. Even more discrediting from the public point of view, he also claimed to have seen one when he was a child.

In the standards of 1974, John Lennon was not a “good” witness. But Lennon was never shy about speaking his mind, even about UAPs. His courage makes it easier for other witnesses even today. Bottom line: John Lennon and May Pang reported to have seen something approximating a “classic” saucer shaped UAP, hovering outside their apartment in New York, something that was the size of a private jet aircraft, from only a hundred yards away, so close they felt they could almost touch it.

Given Lennon’s reputation for brutal honesty, one has think that some fans who did not give much credence to UAP sightings have had to stop and re-consider their positions. You can bet that if John Lennon actually just celebrated his 70th birthday, he would have had a lot more to say on this subject over these last three decades. Just gimme some truth, he’d have demanded. Imagine.

Lennon also portrayed drawings which were auctioned off along with several other John Lennon sketches from the 1970s last Friday, March 21 by CooperOwen Auctions in London. The drawings were given to guitarist Jesse Ed Davis from Lennon. Davis was a session musician who played lead guitar on Lennon’s albums “Walls and Bridges” and “Rock and Roll”. Other drawings by Lennon auctioned included scenery in Japan from 1979 and a sketch of Lennon, Pang and Harry Nilsson in Palm Springs in 1974.

May Pang’s Account Of The UAP Sighting

May Pang says John had always been fascinated by UFOs… he subscribed to a British UFO Magazine, the ‘Flying Saucer Review’. “I had just stepped out of the shower one Friday night toward the end of August when I heard John shout. “Fung Yee, come here.”

May recalls how John sounded “panic-stricken” as he screamed, “Now, Fung Yee. Now!” May immediately ran outside beside John to ask him what was the matter. Lennon pointed to the sky, “Look up there. Tell me what you see.”

May couldn’t believe her eyes. She described what she saw as “a saucer shaped object surrounded by blinking white lights gliding through the sky”, she was “astonished”. It was difficult for her to believe what she was actually seeing, yet still, she was convinced she was witnessing a genuine UAP! She then began to laugh.

John questioned her laughter, and because they were both naked, she humorously replied, “Suppose it’s looking at us. Maybe they think that everyone who lives on the East Side wanders around naked on their balconies on Friday evenings. We look like Adam and Eve.” They went back inside to get a telescope to further study this strange object in the night sky.

May and John weren’t the only ones to witness the UAP. Reports of this phenomenon had been made to both the local police station and to the newspapers. May had never previously believed in the UAP enigma, but after this experience she wrote, “Now I’ve seen it I do believe it.”

What is particularly notable about this account is that May then refers to John describing the object as a “spaceship”… so there’s little doubt that neither May nor John thought they might have mistaken an aircraft, weather balloon or whatever as a UAP. John incorporated the UAP incident on the artwork of ‘Walls and Bridges’. On the bottom right (of the back cover) is written: “On 23 August 1974, I saw a UFO. J.L.”

Lennon mentions UAP sightings on two of his albums.

From the ‘Double Fantasy’ album: Track – “Nobody Told Me
“There’s UFO’s over New York, and I ain’t too surprised,
Nobody told me there’d be days like these,
Strange days indeed.”

And from Lennon’s ‘Mind Games’ album: Track – “Out Of The Blue
Courtesy of educatinghumanity.com

More of the famous, past and present, who came forward about their encounters are…

Buzz Aldrin: Apollo 11 Mission, July 18, 1969 – In space

Jimmy Carter: January 6, 1969 – Leary, Georgia

Ronald Reagan: In 1974

Christopher Columbus: October 11, 1492 – Atlantic Ocean

Walter Cronkite: 1950s, South Pacific

Gordon Cooper: 1957, Edwards Air Force Base, California

Edmund Halley: 1676

Alexander the Great: 329 B.C., Central Asia

Mick Jagger: While camping in Glastonbury in 1968

Sammy Hagar: The former Van Halen singer

Jackie Gleason

Victoria Beckham

Billy Ray Cyrus

Muhammad Ali

David Bowie

Will Smith

Dan Aykroyd

Russell Crowe

I wonder how many more celebrities have seen genuine UAPs but are afraid to “come out”?

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Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Top 10 UAP Sightings From 2012 Recently Released By The Science Review Board From MUFON


The top 10 UAP sightings from 2012 were recently released by the Science Review Board from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON).

A record number of UAP sightings were reported to MUFON in 2012, according to a press release. Sightings reports increased from 5,650 in 2011 to 7,290 in 2012 – a 29 percent increase.

MUFON employs trained field investigators with backgrounds in science and law enforcement that interview witnesses to “identify” UAPs. Although most of the reports are identified as known celestial objects, aircraft, meteors, etc., there are always a small percentage of the cases that remain as true “UAPs.” These latter cases are carefully reviewed by a science board.

MUFON’s recently formed Science Review Board (SRB) consists of scientists with degrees in physics, chemistry, geology and electrical engineering. Their work experience includes NASA, Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Advanced Mico Devices, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and France’s national space program, CNES. The SRB has reviewed the best cases from the year 2012 and have identified the strongest 10 cases that cannot be identified as any known object.

These 10 cases include triangular craft that became translucent, a circular sphere that flew alongside a private aircraft and disrupted its electrical system, a pentagon-shaped craft that hovered over an automobile and the classic saucer-shaped craft that swayed from side-to-side. These reports came from credible witnesses who had seen incredible things. As the pilot of the private aircraft stated, “I’ve never in my life seen anything like this happen. It was very unexpected because we did not see the vehicle [UAP] approach. The vehicle was about 30 feet in diameter which glowed and may actually have had some solid shape beneath the energy.”

The following are short descriptions of the 10 cases.

Case 36293:
2 p.m., February 18, 2012; near Chase City, Virginia

A father and son, both pilots, were flying in an Ovation II propeller-driven aircraft from Charlotte, NC, to Richmond, VA. They had just crossed the Virginia border and were near Chase City, VA, when they witnessed a bright, orb-like UAP hovering next to their plane. The skies were clear and their elevation was about 7,500 feet. They described the UAP as a bright, circular sphere about 30 feet in diameter. As the object approached their right wing, the plane temporarily lost power. The engine sputtered and all of the electrical equipment including the computers turned off. A very common anomaly with UAP Close Encounters, (Read More Here). The pilots estimate that the object came within 50 feet of their right wing. A few seconds later, the plane regained all systems as the UAP swiftly shot away at an incredible speed. Another common characteristic of the phenomenon reported.

“I’ve never in my life seen anything like this happen. It was very unexpected because we did not see the vehicle [UAP] approach. The vehicle was about 30 feet in diameter which glowed and may actually have had some solid shape beneath the energy. What I could observe on the surface seemed to have some circular, swirling energy force which surrounded something I believe operated it from within.”

Both witnesses have extensive flying experience. One witness is a manager and the other is an executive with a master’s degree in economics. Neither had reason to falsify their report.

Case 36765:
3 a.m., March 25, 2012; at a correctional facility near Cleburne, Texas

Cleburne is approximately 25 miles south of downtown Fort Worth. Two officers on duty at a correctional facility saw a triangular object to their south. It was a clear night and the moon was not out. The object flew over them very slowly, appearing to be going only about 5 mph. The primary witness said that as they walked through the parking lot the lights over them turned on. The object then sped up and was gone to the north in a second. He said he was looking directly at the object when it sped up. The witness believed the object was around 4,000 to 6,000 feet high and about a 1,000-foot distance from him. The witness said there was also a Joshua city police officer that came to the facility and said his dispatcher indicated there were several people who had called in reporting suspicious activity in the skies.

The witness said the lights on the object were white and not bright, but dim and in a series of circles. The object was triangular-shaped and the surface was dark. The object made no sound as it moved very slowly in the sky. He described it as slipping through the sky. He said it appeared to jerk as it moved like it was jumping from one location to another (Bucks County) as it sped up.

Case 41298:
In mid-June 2012; near Sutter, California (rural area 40 miles NNW of Sacramento)

A security guard was traveling to a construction site to relieve another officer near a levee off McClatchy Road west of Yuba City when he noticed a glowing white light amongst the trees. As he continued in the direction toward the light he continued to observe it until he came within about 650 yards of the object. He stepped out of his vehicle and observed the object with 10 x 50 binoculars and then his night vision scope to the WSW of his position. During the five minutes that he observed the object he noted its saucer-like shape as it glided a few feet above the tree line. It swayed from side-to-side as it slowly moved and continued to sway from side-to-side even as it hovered. The object would sometimes drop below the tree line and then back up as if it was doing a search. Similar description of the Buck’s County Close Encounter. (Read About It Here/ With Brief Video). Based on the angular displacement of the object in the sky, it would have been between 50-100 feet across. The entire object glowed white and there were three flashing exterior lights that were blue, green and red. The craft emitted sufficient light that the security guard could determine its closeness to the trees because of the craft’s light illuminating the tree tops. The officer took a phone with a 2-3 mega pixel camera, but the object was too far away to see anything but a bright dot on the camera. The officer then drove to the levee to get his partner so that he could see the object, but when they returned the object was gone.

The witness is a 35-year-old security guard who has had law enforcement training and served in the army.

Case 41289:
10:15 p.m., July 13, 2012; rural area near Hartford, Wisconsin; 30 miles NW of Milwaukee

A mother in rural Wisconsin was standing in her driveway on the north side of her house saying goodnight to her daughter who was in the driver’s seat of her minivan with her 4-year-old son in the rear seat. Looking south from the minivan, the daughter could see the front of the house and the sky above, while the mother was facing north with her back to the house. The daughter saw something above the garage roof, stretching from the chimney on the house to a tree about 75 feet away. She stopped in mid-sentence and said, “Mom, what is that?”

The mother ran to the east corner of the house so that she could see the object. Meanwhile, the daughter quickly got out of the van and the two women ran around the east side of the house to the backyard. In that time, the object had moved 200 feet south from the mother’s house and yard and could be seen behind a line of 100-foot-tall trees moving slowly west to east. Both women described the object as huge, big enough to cover the 150-foot-wide property, shaped like a lampshade or a cone with its top lopped off. It had a distinct outline and was brilliant white. The bottom of the object appeared to have a curved convex bulge to it, and there was a row of bright red lights along the lower edge of the object. The daughter saw the red lights “racing” in sequence, while the mother described them as “flashing.”

Both women described several rows of brilliant, white lights ringing the sloping sides of the object, as brilliant as the lights in a stadium.

The craft made no noise as it moved slowly over the neighbor’s property to the east, then accelerated. By the time the women ran to a space between two trees to see where the object was going, it already seemed to be several miles away and over Waukesha County. Then suddenly the red and white lights went out and the object disappeared into the night sky. The entire sighting lasted about 25 seconds.

Case 41918:
5:20 a.m., July 14, 2012; Highway 36 near the town of Milano, Texas, and a repeat event six months later near the same location

At about 5:20 a.m. on July 14, 2012, two men were traveling northwest on Highway 36 and had just passed through the small town of Milano, Texas. The two witnesses saw a pentagon-shaped, black object hovering over the highway ahead of them. At each apex of the pentagon were lights and a more intense light in the middle of the object. The lights at the corners were white and pulsated about once per second. As the witnesses drove under the object they could hear no sound coming from the craft above them. The witnesses saw what they thought were panel lines or vents on the underside of the craft. They estimated that the object was 30 feet above them when they passed under it and the object was about 20-30 feet across. The driver did not want to stop and the two men continued onto their destination.

The primary witness has a BS in chemistry and is working on a master’s of science degree. The other witness, who was driving, has some college training.

It is interesting that a very similar case occurred on this same stretch of highway but six miles farther northwest and six months later, on December 20, 2012. A 35-year-old female and her 16-year-old son were traveling in the same direction on the same road. The witness stated that she and her son first saw the object approach their vehicle from the east. She described the object as about 100 feet across with five sides and flashing lights on each corner. The color of the craft was a dull gray. The craft moved back to the east out of sight. She stated that it came back and hovered directly above their SUV. The witness stated that both she and her son felt threatened by the object. Her anxiety is best described in her own words, “We continued to watch it when suddenly it was RIGHT UP ABOVE our SUV! There are few words that will effectively relay to anyone that wasn’t there just how large and utterly surreal looking this thing was. I was in shock and as a mother I became fearful this thing could be a potential threat considering how close it was. So I stepped on the gas to get away from it.” At this point the son began to video the object with his cell phone camera. It was too far away at that point to see any detail but it was clear from the voices that the mother was fearful.

Cases 37562, 37585 and 36704:
April 17-19, 2012; Three separate triangle reports in the same region of Oklahoma and Texas

Three different reports of the same type object occurred in the areas of Tulsa and Oklahoma City as well as just across the Oklahoma-Texas border in Van Alstyne, Texas. All three witnesses described a silent, triangular object that displayed white lights on the apex of the triangle and a ruby-colored light in the center of the triangle. There was not sufficient information in the movement of the object to establish that it was not potentially a drone or experimental aircraft.

One of the witnesses was an individual working on drone aircraft at Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City. The individual was familiar with the triangular aircraft being used at Tinker AFB and did not believe the object he saw was a known drone because it was hovering in a stationary position and was completely silent.

Unlike the triangular object seen in March in Cleburne, Texas, these objects did not produce any type of movement that could not be explained by a new type of drone such as the X47-B or other experimental aircraft. The most likely explanation is that the military has developed a completely silent triangular aircraft that may be able to move at very slow speeds.

Case 38312:
9 p.m., May 19, 2012; Lawrenceville, Georgia; (rural property about 30 miles NE of Atlanta)

The witness in rural Georgia reported that on May 19, 2012, at approximately 9 p.m. she and four other family members observed nine bright objects pulsating or throbbing deep orange to light orange, each about the size of the full moon, moving ENE to SSW at near treetop level, hovering just above the trees in her backyard at a height of 500 feet to one mile, and then shooting upward into the sky one after another at a 45-degree angle and at an extreme rate of speed. It took each object only 1-2 seconds to disappear from view as it accelerated. One of the witnesses described the movement as, “…the only thing you could see is a streak…” A total of nine objects were seen to make this same pattern of hovering and then rapidly accelerating. Two days later the witnesses observed several helicopters of military design flying and hovering very low over their property. The military helicopters were seen around noon for the next three days. The helicopters were dark, flat-black, unmarked and very, very loud. As one witness stated, “The first time I saw it [the helicopter] he was just over the trees; as he was coming over he paused and he tilted the helicopter towards me and he physically did a buzz around me.” The witnesses took videos of the helicopters on May 22.

The witnesses are all credible. One has a college degree and is a nurse at a local medical facility. Another is a retired automotive executive. Two of the other witnesses are currently enrolled in college courses. The fifth witness is retired.

Case 41616:
10:30 p.m., July 18, 2012; Channahon, Illinois; a small suburb 35 miles SE of Chicago

This report comes from a 50-year-old male. It is best told in his own words.

“I tend to sit outside once my wife turns in for the night. I sit and enjoy a cigar, read something, have a cold beer and let the dog do her business. I do this every night and on clear days I also take my small binoculars out and watch the stars, planets and the moon. I’ve witnessed meteors streak across the sky. I’ve watched satellites slowly move across the night sky. I’ve watched countless airplanes and helicopters, be they civilian, military, commercial, etc. in the sky over my home throughout the years but I NEVER witnessed anything of the type I witnessed on the night of July 18th, 2012.

“I was out in my backyard around 10:30 p.m. having a cigar and waiting for my small dog to finish her ‘ritual.’ My wife and I have a large, handheld floodlight we take with us to check for skunks before we allow the dogs out. On the night in question, I was standing approximately 20 feet from my porch so the sensor on the porch light timed out. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky and I looked up and thought I saw movement coming from the Ursa Minor Constellation. It seemed as though one of the stars was moving in a northerly direction. I thought it might be a satellite so I paid it no mind until it ‘stopped’ moving and seemed to blink. As I watched it for a few seconds it seemed as though the ‘air’ around the ‘star’ seemed to ripple sort of the same way heat does when watching it rise from the ground at a distance. It was then that I noticed it ‘moving’ again and thought it odd as the stars that make up the Constellation of Ursa Minor don’t MOVE! So I shined the flood light at the ‘star’ that was moving and that’s when I realized I was watching something very strange. It seemed to ‘absorb’ the light. It reminded me of the way water moves when a pebble is dropped and ripples. As I shined the light on it, it actually seemed to respond. It shined a light back at me! At first I thought it an optical illusion but when I did it a second time, and blinked the light several times, it repeated the sequence I had just done! This ‘THING’ was massive! Made no noise and moved very slow across the sky. It blocked out the stars for a few moments that I shined the light at it as if to let me know it was actually there. I know that sounds silly but that’s what happened. I watched it slowly fade as if ‘cloaking’ again but I could make out the shape as it seemed to blink in and out as it moved. I lost sight of it as the tress blocked my view of it.”

Case 43607:
4 p.m., October 23, 2012; Ball Ground, Georgia; a town of about 1,400 people

Two women and their two children saw a silent, black object that hovered almost directly over their home at a height of several hundred feet. The duration of the incident was about 30 minutes. Three short videos of the object were provided by the witness.

The videos show a somewhat circular object with lights that periodically flashed around its perimeter. This object is not yet identified and the videos are currently being studied.

Case 44556:
8:15 p.m., December 13, 2012; central Georgia about five miles from Dublin

At approximately 8:15 p.m. on December 13, 2012, the witness and a companion were traveling west on I-16 just west of Dublin, Georgia, when he observed a saucer-like craft approach his truck at treetop height from the right (north) shoulder of the interstate. The object slowly approached the witness’ vehicle and hovered for a few seconds and then disappeared. The object was about 30 feet in diameter, had eight white lights around the underside perimeter and one white light, equal in size of those on the perimeter, in the center. The lights did not appear to illuminate the ground, only the object itself. The entire encounter lasted less than one minute with the object coming within 100 feet of the vehicle.

The object had smooth, easy movements like it was tracking his vehicle, which was traveling down a major interstate highway about 70 mph. The object moved toward the truck and, once it was directly overhead, the witness lost sight of it, although he did not see where the object went once it was directly overhead. The object seemed to be less than 100 feet high when the witness lost sight of it. The object had the look of spun aluminum, not shiny. It flew from east to west over the westbound lane of I-16. The entire incident lasted less than a minute.

The investigator was only able to talk to the driver as the second witness refused to talk about the sighting saying that it was too upsetting. The primary witness insisted that there were many other witnesses to this event but as of this date, no other witnesses have come forth.
Courtesy of Roger Marsh/National UFO Examiner





Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: UAPs And Nuclear Weapons

Over the years of my research I’ve downloaded numerous conferences held at the National Press Club in Washington D.C regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon hosted, in this event, by Robert Hastings. They just keep getting better and better.

This conference was held on September 27, 2010, and streamed live by, believe it or not, mainstream news giant CNN, has generated extensive and ongoing media interest worldwide. The original press release was distributed by PR Newswire. The lead was “U.S. Nuclear Weapons Have Been Compromised by Unidentified Aerial Objects” followed by “Ex-military men say unknown intruders have monitored and even tampered with American nuclear missiles” and “Group to call on U.S. Government to reveal the facts.”

Now this is fascinating and quite disturbing. What are these mysterious glowing objects, apparently under intelligent control, snooping and interfering with our nuclear missile bases? As I’ve stated before, in my first post (Found here) I’m not going to jump on the “UFO Believer” bandwagon insinuating that aliens from space are giving us some kind of message regarding nuclear weapons.

I have no idea what all these intrusions in our airspace and nuclear facilities by UAPs represent. I wish I had access to all the data world governments MUST HAVE acquired over the decades.

I found this article at Hastings website, www.ufohastings.com.

Although most people are completely unaware of its existence, the UFO-Nukes Connection is now remarkably well-documented. U.S. Air Force, FBI, and CIA files declassified via the Freedom of Information Act establish a convincing, ongoing pattern of UFO activity at American nuclear weapons sites extending back to December 1948.

Moreover, these mysterious incursions are not ancient history, so to speak, occurring only during the Cold War era. Indeed, evidence suggests that multiple, ongoing incidents have taken place near ICBM sites operated by Malmstrom AFB, Montana, as recently as October 2012.

For nearly 40 years, noted researcher Robert Hastings has sought out and interviewed former and retired U.S. Air Force personnel regarding their direct or indirect involvement in nuclear weapons-related UFO incidents. These individuals—ranging from retired colonels to former airmen—report extraordinary encounters which have obvious national security implications. In fact, taken to their logical conclusion, these cases have planetary implications, given the horrific consequences that would result from a full-scale, global nuclear war.

Significantly, the UFO activity occasionally transcends mere surveillance and involves direct and unambiguous interference with our strategic weapons systems. Numerous cases include reports of mysterious malfunctions of large numbers of nuclear missiles just as one or more UFOs hovered nearby. (Declassified Soviet Ministry of Defense documents confirm that such incidents also occurred in the former USSR.)

To date, Hastings has interviewed more than 130 military veterans who were involved in various UFO-related incidents at U.S. missile sites, weapons storage facilities, and nuclear bomb test ranges. The events described by these individuals leave little doubt that the U.S. nuclear weapons program is an ongoing source of interest to someone possessing vastly superior technology.

On September 27, 2010 Hastings hosted the UFO-Nukes Connection press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C., during which seven U.S. Air Force veterans discussed UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites during the Cold War era. CNN streamed that event live; the full-length video is below:

The witnesses said that they felt compelled to speak out about the reality of UFO activity at nuclear weapons sites and urged the U.S. government to finally reveal the facts to the American people and the rest of the world.

Since 1981, Hastings has presented his research findings at more than 500 colleges and universities nationwide, and possesses hundreds of highly favorable letters of recommendation from sponsors. “I am not condemning any government agency for its policy of secrecy regarding UFOs”, says Hastings, “but I believe that the public should be given the facts.”

Hastings believes that UFOs are piloted by visitors from elsewhere in the universe who, for whatever reason, have taken an interest in our long-term survival. He contends that these beings are occasionally disrupting our nukes to send a message to the American and Soviet/Russian governments that their possession and potential large-scale use of nuclear weapons threatens the future of humanity and the environmental integrity of the planet. In short, Washington and Moscow are being warned that they are “playing with fire.”

To suggest that this scenario is the only explanation for widespread UFO sightings during the modern era would be presumptuous, simplistic, and undoubtedly inaccurate. Nevertheless, Hastings believes that the now well-documented nuclear weapons-related incidents are integral to an understanding of the mystery that confronts us. Sometimes reality is indeed stranger than fiction.

I’ve seen through the looking glass, outside the fishbowl

T. Blank

Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Could They Be Ultra-Terrestrials?


When it comes to Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, there are three attributes I’ve always maintained.

First is that there are powerful entities in government’s and/or military’s around our planet that are fully aware of this phenomenon. This is the most classified, above top-secret project in history, even more so than The Manhattan Project, (the development of WW2’s first Atomic Bomb). There is definitely a worldwide cover-up campaign, a Cosmic Watergate of sorts, regarding this enigma.

Whoever controls this information are vehemently downplaying, misinforming and outright lying about UAP reality at all costs. There has to be. Over 150 million witnesses, including me, (My Experience) can’t be wrong. Why the global cover-up? Because there is no power on this Earth can do anything about it. UAPs come and go in our air spaces at will. Our leaders don’t want to admit to the public that they cannot protect us. “The Politics Of Fear” backward’s.

Second. I doubt very much UAPs represent extraterrestrials visiting us. I’m convinced the phenomenon is far more complex and profound than the ET theories that the “UFO Believers” embrace. The odds of an extraterrestrial presence close to our level of evolution and technology visiting us are almost mathematically impossible. Why? Simply because of the age and size of the universe. The Cosmos is 13.7 billion years old. Our Solar System is 4.5 billion years young. This tells me that most life in the Universe had a 9 billion year head start before our Sun was even born! I surmise a small percentage of UAPs might be extraterrestrial in nature but they would be so far ahead of us on the evolutionary scale as we are over the Amoeba. So why bother trying to communicate with a colony of ants.

Third. It is obvious the objects seen are under intelligent control, no doubt about that. There is some kind of intelligence at work here. Not necessarily extraterrestrial, however. Than what? Could they be Ultra-Terrestrials or Inter-Dimensional Homo sapiens? Read more HERE. The possibilities are endless. I came across this article that makes more sense to me than the aliens from space idea. I don’t know how accurate this is but it’s still an interesting read.”Edward Snowden, the leaker of NSA surveillance documents, was granted asylum in Venezuela on Friday. With safe harbors in sight, Snowden was willing to share shocking and world-shattering exclusive secret government documents with The Internet Chronicle.Snowden’s testimony was as follows:

“The highest levels of government don’t know what to do about UFOs, and the official story that they are all merely weather balloons or natural phenomena have been clearly dismissed. If anything, these documents speak about UFOs as if they are surely guided by an intelligence beyond our own. As it turns out, the most credible and inexplicable sightings are of vehicles that have been spotted leaving the sea floor at hydrothermal vents and directly entering solar orbit .
“Because ballistic missile tracking systems and deep-sea sonar are kept as state secrets, scientists don’t have access to data about these objects. However, most of the contractors at DARPA are sure that there is a species more intelligent than Homo sapiens living in the mantle of the Earth. It makes sense, if you think about it, because that is the only place where conditions have been more or less stable for billions of years. Extremophiles may live at different temperatures than us, but they have been able to thrive and develop intelligence at a seemingly accelerated rate. That’s not true, because they’ve simply evolved at the same rate, but without many of the vicissitudes which set back surface life . . .[The five known mass extinctions, for example, each killing most life on the Earth’s surface].

“The president receives daily briefings about their activities. Analysts believe their technology to be so far advanced that we stand little chance of survival in any potential war. The general sentiment is that we are but ants from their perspective, so there is little chance they would empathize or attempt to communicate with us, and the current contingency plan is to detonate nuclear weapons in deep caverns to ‘sting’ the foe we have no hope of destroying in hopes it would discourage further attacks.”

Critics may allege that what the 30-year-old former NSA and CIA contractor can state with authority about our ultra terrestrial neighbors is already well-known. But the Ground-Penetrating Radar, or GPR, scans, which The Internet Chronicle has shared and confirmed with sources within intelligence community, will only serve to underscore popular bitterness over strategically timed earthquakes and tsunamis.

Just as PRISM shined a new light on goings-on in NSA’s ECHELON computer systems, revealed in the 1990s, the vast complexes of underground cities – laser-etched from pure diamond – apparent in the GPR scans will transform public debate about the balance between liberty and security.”
Courtesy of http://www.ufodigest.com/

Ufologist Philip Imbrogno talked about his theory of Ultra-terrestrials and how it constitutes a radical new quantum approach to understanding the contact phenomenon. In contrast to “Extraterrestrial,” which he said has become synonymous with simply aliens from another planet, Imbrogno defined “Ultra -terrestrial” as “anything outside of our physical reality” and, thus, encompasses entities from other dimensions and parallel worlds. He explained that his work aims to “combine string theory and quantum physics into the paranormal.” By doing this, Imbrogno said, the enigmatic nature of the paranormal becomes more palatable as it can be viewed in the context of these emerging sciences.

I’ve Seen Through The Looking Glass.


T. Blank

Ant Hills And Airplanes: My One In A Million UFO/UAP Experience


Hello world. I feel it is my duty as a human being and fellow citizen to share my experience with “We The People”. Hopefully, mainstream scientists will also take this seriously as it would be helpful when all of humanity,  on our little planet, becomes aware of another, profound reality.

My One In A Million UFO/UAP Experience

I had a life-altering experience 30 years ago around the late 70′s or early 80′s. I witnessed some kind of enormous structured, circular craft, with lights around the perimeter. I still remember it today as if it happened yesterday. Every time when I used to tell my story, I would literally relive the whole experience. What I mean by “used to tell” is because I no longer bother. Nobody listens, nobody cares and most don’t believe it anyway. On that note, I’m going to tell it for the last time on this, my first website. I’m just Joe citizen with an above average interest in science and nature. I’m not an author or a writer, just a one finger typer.

Through The Looking Glass

Around the winter of around 1980, January perhaps, I just got off work at 9:30 P.M. from the auto dealership. I was a car salesman at the time. I started driving towards the city of Toronto, Canada, on the QEW (Queen Elizabeth Way) eastbound to meet some friends at a bar on the Esplanad (a street lined with nightclubs). I was not under the influence of any drug or alcohol.

As I was driving, I noticed a string of lights slowly rotating counter-clockwise over the city of Toronto, at about the ten o’clock position from my point of view. This caught my eye because these formation of lights were very unusual. The lights were evidently in a circular pattern with about two thirds were visible as the other third rotated out of view. Imagine a pie plate with about 25 lights around the circumference of it. As this “pie plate” would revolve, a third of these lights would be hidden from view as if they were obstructed by a solid body. It was at night so all I could see was these rotating string of lights but they were definitely on a “fixed” platform as the lights were revolving in unison.

Although I’ve heard of Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon and was curious, at that time in my life, I didn’t really give that much thought about them. I’ve always been interested in nature and especially about the universe. I’ve seen all kinds of aircraft and advertising blimps at night before. I drove taxi’s off and on for fifteen years on the night shift and have seen countless meteors, lightening, satellites etc. On two occasions I’ve even seen extremely bright, slow falling, green fireball meteors lighting up the ground, for a couple of seconds, as if it was daylight . I’ve read, in later years, were other witnesses reported green fireballs as Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon. I chuckled to myself thinking how easily “UFO believers” can be fooled by natural phenomenon.

Anyway, these circle of lights were slowly descending and approaching towards me (westbound), while I was driving about 115 kilometers per hour on the highway (eastbound). These lights were getting closer and closer as “we” approached each other. I recall thinking to myself that this must be some kind of advertising balloon and those lights were letters. As I kept driving, I was paying more and more attention to this object because the closer it was getting, the more unusual it looked. I kept glancing at it, while driving, waiting until it was close enough to read what these letters were saying, still thinking it was some kind of advertising blimp. The closer it got, the more I looked at it. Now at my nine o’clock position, the string of rotating lights appeared to bank left like an airplane would “turning right”. Actually it wasn’t banking at all. It was dipping forward pointing towards the ground. At this point, I realized that these lights were not letters at all. They were different shaped, yellowish white lights. The reason these lights were different in shape was because they appeared to be “inset” into some solid body. When the lights were seen head on, they were circular. But as they rotated out of “direct” view, they changed shape like the different crescents of the moon. That’s why they appeared to be all different shapes.

During the time when this Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon started to bank left, or I thought from my point of view, I was struggling with myself trying to understand whether this was a plane, blimp, or a balloon. It was flying too slow for a plane, yet, too fast for a blimp. Also, it didn’t appear to be flying or floating. The best way I can describe its motion is that it looked like it was “sailing” in the sky.

What’s interesting here is that the human brain tries to associate what the eyes are seeing, to something already seen or experienced before. That’s why I was at war with myself trying to decide whether this object was a plane, blimp or a balloon. Every time I resigned myself to what I must be witnessing, I jumped to another conclusion. This jumping from one conclusion to another occurred during the whole experience. I was imagining all kinds of things. For example, if it was a plane, the only way these lights could have been positioned was in a circle because this plane must have had some kind of supporting structure in a circle from wing tip to wing tip. This didn’t make any sense at all. I’ve seen advertising planes before. This was nothing like this. Not even close. Than I was trying to imagine a “Goodyear blimp” with these letters going across its side. This was nothing like it either. So here I was, trying to drive and watch this object at the same time. As I was driving, I started to slow down because I kept looking at this circle of lights more than the road ahead of me. In retrospect, I don’t even know how I kept my car on the road because I was so awed by this display in the sky.  As the object kept dipping forward more and more, it eventually ended up totally perpendicular to the ground! The first thing that came to mind was a big Ferris wheel rotating in the sky. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. At this point I slowed down to about 50 KPH (30 miles an hour in a 60 MPH highway for my American friends) and put my four way, flashing hazard lights on my car fearing that another car would crash into the back of me for going so slow on a 100 KPH highway.

As I was mesmerized by this strange Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, a surge of adrenaline hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn’t realize how BIG this thing was. At first I thought it was the size of an airplane fairly close. IT WAS GIGANTIC! Absolutely ENORMOUS in size. At least twice the size of a football field, bigger than an aircraft carrier! It must have been miles away. I don’t know what gave away its size. Maybe the reflections of light on the ground. The best way I can relate this sudden realization is like one of those illusions most of us have seen. You know, when you look at a pixel drawing with an image you can’t see until you stare at it for a while? After a period of time, you make out the face of a women or something like that? That’s kind of the transformation I experienced. At first I thought the object was the size of a large plane than suddenly I REALLY saw it. IT WAS HUGE!!! I yelled out loud to my self, “Holey F**k, IT’S HUGE!!!”. I don’t F***ing believe it, it’s F***ing HUGE!!!. I thought it was fairly close at first, than bang!, it was much farther away and larger than my brain first comprehended it. Speaking about this surge of adrenaline. Have you ever had a really close call having a car accident? When your heart rate skyrockets to about 180 beats per minute? That’s what I felt when I realized how Gargantuan this object was! I could actually feel my heart pounding like crazy. To be frank, that’s when it literally scared the hell out of me, when I realized how big it was. At this point, I rolled down my window and pointed to this giant “Ferris wheel” in the sky to the other motorists, but it appeared no one seemed to notice as they screamed by me at regular highway speeds. I remember how cold it was when I rolled down my window. It was something like minus 30 Celsius below zero.

After, I don’t know how long, probably only a few seconds of rotating in this perpendicular position, this Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon started to climb and right itself and “sail” back to the direction it originally came from. I rolled up my window, turned off my hazard lights, and started to speed up to chase it. Still it seemed other motorists didn’t notice this object. That still irks me to this day why nobody seemed to notice. As I was approaching the city limits, this object was in its flat position again climbing over the city. Then, all of a sudden, the rotating lights turned off except for a red “aircraft like” blinking light (which I never noticed before). After a few seconds, the rotating lights turned on again. It was like in the movie “Close Encounters Of The Third Kind”. The lights just blasted on. Than after a few seconds they turned off again as it seemed to be right over the city. Strange behavior. Now I was exiting off of the highway on to Spadina Rd. I lost track of these lights because of the tall buildings. When I was on the street where I was going, I saw a cop parked on the other side of the road writing a parking ticked. I stopped in the middle of the road and ran over to him. He was quite taken aback by my seemingly aggressive approach. I asked him, “how long have you been here?” I forgot what he said, but I asked, “did you see that big circle of lights flying in the sky? He said “no”. After parking my car, I met my friends at the bar, “Bailey’s”, and told them what happened but they didn’t take me seriously as they’ve already had a few and were more interested in the ladies.

After sitting at the bar by myself for an hour or so I went home. I was living at my parent’s house at the time, temporarily, so when I got home around 11 P.M., I called the police. I didn’t know who else to phone at the time. They didn’t take me seriously of course so after that, I phoned the Toronto International Airport and managed to get through to Air Traffic Control and asked them if they had anyone call in with a UFO report. Nothing. So I called the police again and convinced them to take me seriously as I wanted to make a report. They told me they can send a couple of officers to my house. As it was late and my parents were asleep, I told them I’d rather come to the station the next day to report. Next morning, when I contemplated going in I decided not to, fearing they would think I’m some kind of wacko UFO fanatic.

As the days went by, scanning the newspapers looking for a “UFO sighting” to no avail, I started doubting myself. I was trying to convince myself that perhaps I was somehow mistaken. Maybe it was something not out of the ordinary at all. Maybe it was a balloon or airplane of some kind. Maybe like thousands of others, I witnessed something that I misinterpreted for something else.

About a week or so later, on or about the tenth page of the Toronto Star or Toronto Sun, bottom right hand corner, there it was! A short article. “Dozens of Mississauga residents reported a UFO as big as a football field.” I don’t recall the whole article. “Finally” I said to myself. “I knew it was real”, “I knew I didn’t imagine this”. I’ll never, ever, doubt myself again no matter how much ridicule I’ll be subjected to. I have some regrets however. One is It didn’t occur to me at the time to contact the media instead of the police and the airport. My second regret is I wish I had others with me to have this one in a million experience. And most importantly, I wish I knew what I was witnessing right from the beginning so that I would have found a way to park my car and really pay attention to this strange, enormous “craft” in the cold night sky.

Check Out My Official Report Including My Drawings

Unindentified Aerial Phenomenon – My One In A Million UFO Experience


Read All About It Here
– “Enormous Structure With Lights Around The Perimeter

“A new scientific truth does not triumph by convincing its opponents and making them see the light, but rather because its opponents eventually die, and a new generation grows up that is familiar with it.” – Max Planck, Theoretical Physicist, Scientific Autobiography

“When the long-awaited solution to the UFO problem comes, I believe that it will prove to be not merely the next small step in the march of science, but a mighty and totally unexpected quantum leap.” – Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Astronomer, Scientific Consultant – U.S. Air Force “Project Blue Book”

An extraordinary phenomenon demands extraordinary investigation!” – T. Blank

I’ve Seen Through The Looking Glass, Outside The Fishbowl


T. Blank