Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Beware The Enormous, Impeding, Cosmic Paradigm Shift!

“We Are On The Verge Of A Major, Profound Discovery!”T. Blank

We are the aliens.

A dark secret lies deeply buried in our DNA. We are all aliens – made up of cosmic genes, from cosmic bacteria and viruses that drifted down to us in comet dust and meteorites through the depths of space.

Continuing to turn a blind eye to the evidence presented below may be fraught with dangers that threaten the very continuity of our species.

Earth-like planets galore.

Astronomical observations using the NASA Kepler Space Telescope launched in 2009 have recently revealed that over 100 billion habitable Earth-like planets could exist in the Milky Way system, the galaxy of stars to which our planetary system belongs.

And now, scientists found evidence that there are ten times more Galaxies in the Cosmos as previously believed. That’s two Trillion galaxies, most with hundreds of billions of stars, trillions and trillions of planets!

Earth-centred biology.

Whilst the ideas of an Earth-centred universe were abandoned by the dawn of the 17th century, modern ideas of life continue to remain firmly Earth-centred.

Life in the form of bacteria is posited, without any evidence whatsoever, to arise de novo in a primordial ocean from organic molecules that were supposedly generated in its original place on the Earth.

It has now been discovered that the oldest evidence of microbial life on Earth is contained in rocks (discovered in Western Australia) that formed 4.1 billion years ago, at a time of intense comet and asteroid bombardment. The possibility of a terrestrial primordial soup is now squeezed out of the geological record making it most unlikely that life could have originated on the Earth.

The Theory of Panspermia.

For many years I’ve surmised that It is far more probable that the impacting comets brought the first micro organisms to Earth from the external cosmos. Astronomical data and calculations have pointed to the widespread prevalence of freeze-dried bacteria and viruses throughout the universe.

Cosmic Viruses and Evolution.

It’s been argued that once microbial life became established on the Earth its further evolution leading to plants, animals, humans required a continuing input, albeit sporadically, of viral genes from the external cosmos.

Darwinian evolution was then relegated to a less important role of sifting out best-fitting life forms (vis-a-vis survival in the terrestrial environment) from a range of outcomes determined by viral ingress to the Earth. On this picture major genetic shifts leading to the emergence of new species, classes and orders did not arise from the accumulations of favourable copying errors as hitherto believed but from the incorporation of whole new suites of cosmic genes.

Evidence continues to grow.

Life originating outside the Earth, and evolving mainly through the agency of external inputs, continues to be fiercely resisted by practitioners of orthodox science. With the body of supportive evidence getting stronger by the day, however, this resistance cannot continue much longer.

Last year the Rosetta Space Mission to a comet (Comet 67P/C-G, to give its technical name) discovered ample evidence of life processes releasing streams of organic molecules.

Evidence denied.

Since 2001 the collection of material from the stratosphere using balloons flown to heights of 41km has shown ample evidence of microbes.

Likewise the growing evidence for fossil micro organisms in meteorites (large fragments of comets and meteorites that reach the Earth) has been vigorously disputed. Recently, the Polonnaruwa Meteorite that fell in 2013 was found to have unambiguous signs of microbial life – far too uncomfortable for the critics.

Medical evidence.

A close study of the patterns of pandemics of viral diseases revealed that in some cases, i. e. influenza, person to person spread of an endemic virus cannot be the whole story. In the classic instance of the 1918/1919 influenza pandemic that claimed over 20 million lives worldwide, the first outbreaks of a lethal strain appeared on the same day in Boston and Bombay. Before the advent of air travel this was of course impossible on the basis of person-to-person transmission.

Alien genes discovered in the octopus.

If a single discovery is to serve as a watershed in the journey to accepting our cosmic origins, it is a recent study of two related species the squid and the octopus. The squid has an antiquity in the geological record that goes back to the great Metazoan Explosion of multi-celled life 540 million years ago. The octopus apparently branches out from the squid line about 400 million years ago, presumed to evolve from an ancestral squid.

The squid contains a very meagre compliment of genes adequate to serve its modest survival needs. The emergent octopus, on the other hand, has over 40,000 genes (the human has only 25,000 genes) and many of these genes code for complex brain function.

Where did the suite of genes coding for complex brain function come from? They were not present in the ancestral squid or in any other living form that existed on the Earth at the time. The clear implication is that they came from outside the Earth – external to terrestrial biology.

Taking account of evidence from many disparate disciplines – astronomy and space exploration, geology, biology, genetics and epidemiology – there can be no question that alien life invaded the Earth 4.1 billion years ago and still continues to do so.

Neglecting this stark and simple fact of life could be to our peril.

I think it’s time for mainstream scientists to take a good look at the UAP/UFO phenomenon. The evidence is everywhere.

Continuing to turn a blind eye to UAP Reality may be fraught with dangers that threaten the very continuity of our species. (Click on the “Hynek” image below for more)

Courtesy of Professor Chandra Wickramasinghe

By T. Blank

My Official UAP Report Including My Drawings

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Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: E.L.E. Or Reaching For The Moon?

I know this is somewhat off topic folks, but it is about life, extinctions and saving our planet.

This is getting very, very serious. Be afraid, be very afraid.
Read some of the “facts” below and think, really think, and think again.

It is estimated, 50 to 100 species on Earth go extinct everyday.

We’ve only discovered 5% of life on our planet.

80% of life are in our oceans.

We’ve explored less than 5% of our oceans.

Fact: 100 million sharks are killed every year, mostly for their fins. China is the guilty one Your Honor.

Fact: Every year we discard approximately 40 billion pounds of dead fish as by-catch, because it wasn’t the species we were targeting.

Fact: In the last 40 years, our oceans have become 30% more acidic causing the “bleaching” of the Coral Reefs.

Fact: The Great Barrier Reef has declined in coral cover by 38 percent over the last 25 years. Coral cover in the Caribbean has declined by as much as 90 percent.

Fact: It took four million years for corals to rebuild reefs after the last extinction.

Coral reefs, “the water filtration system”, protect coastlines from the damaging effects of wave action and tropical storms which are getting worse because of Climate Change.

Coral reefs, “the rainforests of the sea”, are some of the most diverse and valuable ecosystems on Earth. Coral reefs support more species per unit area than any other marine environment, including about 4,000 species of fish, 800 species of hard corals and hundreds of other species.

Coral reefs provide food to millions of humans. Corals, like trees, provide three-dimensional structure and substrate to house and feed fish and other marine animals that humans eat.

Some estimates say that over 1 billion people depend on food from coral reefs, and reefs as a whole might be worth around $172 billion for every year they continue to provide essential services to humans, like food.

Fact: Tropical forests are home to more than half of the world’s species, and produce a third of our oxygen.

Fact: Deforestation is the second biggest emitter of carbon dioxide, and contributor to ocean acidification.

Fact: Madagascar has already lost 90% of its forest.

Fact: 75% of the world’s forests are gone due to deforestation.

Fact: Most of the “Big Five” mass extinction events can be directly attributable to ocean acidification. Sharks survived all five E.LE.’s.

Two thirds of the world’s species could be gone by the end of the century.

Leading scientists insist that by the middle of this century, we could have no fish in the sea, no coral reefs, no rainforests and a planet that can’t sustain many forms of life.

Fact: The last time something of this magnitude happened was the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction which took place 65 million years ago, and it is “estimated” that 75% of all species vanished.

Fact: The last time this huge spike in just CO2 Climate Change levels was 3 million years ago.

Fact: Since the Industrial Revolution we have released “approximately” 1 quadrillion pounds (1,000,000,000,000,000) of CO2 into the atmosphere.

The Earth’s population will increase from 7 billion today to approximately 9 billion by 2050 and we are already exhausting the capacity of the planet to provide for us at our current level of population and consumption.

In brief folks,

We are in the middle of another E.L.E., (Extinction Level Event). We humans are causing most, maybe 90%, of this tragedy. We are adding to, not the sole cause, of these life extinctions. 99.9% of life that ever roamed our globe has gone extinct from natural causes, (Volcanoes, Asteroids, Methane etc..)

We’re not only destroying our planet, we’re also destroying ourselves, as a species. We are on the verge of driving ourselves to extinction unless we make huge changes right now…today!

Why is this happening? Well, for one thing,  corporate greed and politics with “short-term” profit motives, thinking quarterly instead of seeing, or caring, about the big picture.

How can we start? Finding the right leaders on our globe with the “political will”!

We’ve done it before.

“We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things…not because they are easy, but because they are hard”. JFK – September 12th, 1962


This is the kind of political will we need. Why not do what Denmark did. Denmark Just Ran Their Entire Country on 100% Wind Energy.

End of today’s rant.

Please share.

By T. Blank

My Official UAP Report Including My Drawings

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Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: MUFON Case #74282: Fascinating, Large, Bright Barbell Shaped Object Encounters 3 Hunters

I generally don’t post “anonymous” type UAP sightings or videos but had to make an exception here. It happened in my province, right here in Canada.


“We previously uploaded a video overview of this Case 74282 that showed interview highlights and an introduction by MUFON Director of Research Robert Powell. This is the full interview from this case where three men on a hunting trip in Ontario, Canada, have a close encounter with a barbell-shaped UFO. Witness interviews and CGI of the object created by Witness #1. Case investigated by Indiana MUFON State Section Director Philip Leech.”

(46 Minute Video)

By T. Blank

My Official UAP Report Including My Drawings

I’ve Seen Through The Looking Glass, Outside The Fishbowl


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Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: The Sceptics, The Scientists, And The Double Standards

I don’t agree with everything here but It’s still a good read.

We’d nearly all be aware that when it comes to the subject of UAPs, most scientists shun away from them like they would a skunk who let fly. Scientists and UAPs tend to party together in much the same way as oil and water mix. Professional sceptics have a field day with the topic by usually picking and choosing to give their middle finger to the easy targets, not the hardcore issues. For example, it’s easy to rubbish someone who says they took a trip in a flying saucer with the ‘space brothers’ to Saturn; it’s much harder to ridicule a military pilot who reports engaging in a dogfight with a UAP. So, is this behaviour rational or are there hidden agendas and double standards?

Many professional scientists, and other sceptics, when and if they think about UAPs at all, have been preconditioned to think of them in terms of the lunatic fringe, nutters who accept any and all pseudoscience associated with the paranormal and therefore not worthy of their attention, or if worthy, then worthy in a negative sense as only something to ridicule. They like to in a sense ‘pour water on a drowning man’ and pat themselves on the back as how superior they are relative to the astrology-minded; the great unwashed set who believe dinosaurs and humans coexisted together.

Firstly, let’s dispose of the sceptics, professional and otherwise, since their double standard amounts to treating all pseudoscience or all paranormal topics equally. Actually therefore sceptics only have a single standard – no shades of grey. One size fits all. That is to say, no matter what the anomaly, it’s rubbish. Sceptics just lump together all that’s paranormal, and call it pseudoscience as any sceptics’ website or monograph will more than adequately demonstrate – all pseudoscience is nonsense and all = all. However, I suggest that instead of all anomalies being equal; some anomalies are more equal than others. In short, some anomalies are really bovine fertiliser, but hardly all. To lump astrology and UAPs in the same basket is a double standard, since the theoretical and observational evidence for each isn’t really equal. Likewise, there’s more theoretical and actual evidence for the existence of the Sasquatch (Bigfoot) than there is for say telepathy. Since sceptics can’t distinguish serious anomalies from trivial ones, well I can’t treat sceptics seriously since when crunch comes to the crunch, they can’t be bothered to do the proper research and make distinctions.

Scientists on the other hand should take everything on their individual merits, and clearly in any scientific field, not all topics have equal merits. Saying life exists on Mars is not in the same league as saying life exists on Venus. Despite that, some topics do have equal merits, but that doesn’t stop scientists from pretending they don’t. Take SETI for example.

SETI (that’s the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) scientists tend to poo-poo Ufology buffs for failing to come up with a UAP ETH (extraterrestrial hypothesis) smoking gun, or any compelling evidence, especially physical evidence for hardcore UAPs, in over six decades. That’s one topic. Of course they conveniently forget that SETI is entirely based on theory and SETI hasn’t produced a smoking gun conclusive of the existence of ETI either, over a near equal five decades of searching. But that’s another topic. However, both topics are in fact equal in that neither has produced a smoking gun that’s ‘killed’ the alien and provided a corpse for study. In fact, the amount of SETI evidence, including physical evidence, is but a short story compared to the full length UAP novel.

There is one other up-close-and-personal reason SETI scientists dump on the UAP ETH and/or ‘ancient astronauts’ is because they have a vested interest in SETI. They have spent careers, building equipment designed to look for alien intelligence out there, often been made fun of by other scientists (and the American Congress) in their hunt for ‘little green men’. It would be a serious blow to their egos, careers, reputations and an actual downright embarrassment if ET proven to be down here all along. So, it’s almost a natural reaction to rubbish any alternative idea. We’ve seen that any number of times in the history of science – Darwinian evolution vs. Lamarckian evolution; the Big Bang cosmology vs. the Steady State cosmology; catastrophism vs. uniformitarianism in geology. Debates have often been controversial, personal and bitter. So it’s interesting to note that when I communicate some of my unorthodox ideas to a well-known SETI scientist, if I get under his skin, at worst I get no response; at best one that starts with “Dear Mr. Prytz”. Now if I say something he considers sensible (by his standards) the reply is “Dear John”. That’s a bit of a double standard too in its own right.

Now when it comes to SETI vs. the UAP ETH, that’s not to say SETI scientists shouldn’t continue to do SETI – they should – nothing ventured, nothing gained. But it gains them nothing to reject out of hand the rival idea that ET is or was down here are well as being up there.

Quite apart from SETI, the majority of scientists, especially physical scientists, usually poo-poo the UAP ETH with a there’s ‘no evidence’ mantra. But such scientists leave themselves wide open to the double standard. Many a scientist will profess a firm belief in something that has absolutely ‘no evidence’ of any kind, conveniently forgetting that they have rubbished other people’s beliefs for having faith in six impossible things that appear on their dining room table prior to breakfast. And so we see here the beginnings of more general double standards.

A prime example of how some scientists have their lack of evidence and belief too is with respect to religion. Even as recently as 2009, a public opinion poll found that a significant (albeit minority) percentage of scientists had a belief in a God that was up close and personal in their lives. There’s not the slightest bit of evidence, physical or otherwise, that God exists. There’s absolutely no evidence for any deity (monotheistic or polytheistic), yet many scientists have no trouble accepting on faith and having a belief in a deity (or deities) sight unseen by anyone and everyone. No one verifiable has seen the monotheistic deity God and all the polytheistic deities are apparently, according to scholars, entirely mythological. Go figure. This essay could just as easily been constructed around a theme of double standards with respect to God: Show Me the Evidence!’ There just isn’t any.

That reminds me of God’s double standard of ‘do as I say, not as I do’. It’s just like God (of the Old Testament) to command “Thou shall not kill” while He goes off and nearly exterminates the entire terrestrial human and animal population vis-à-vis the universal deluge. Anyway, back to the scientist.

There are valid cases within science itself of scientists not only ‘having a lack of evidence for X’s reality but never-the-less a belief in X’s reality too’. Now without meaning to accuse scientists of pure hypocrisy, there are lots of current concepts in science that have absolutely no evidence of any sort apart from the purely theoretical to support them, yet are taken quite seriously by physical scientists. A partial list would include concepts like the Multiverse (there is more than one universe – ours – within the overriding cosmos); the Many Worlds Interpretation of quantum physics; particle physic’s string theory; the Higgs Boson; the possible existence of ten or eleven dimensions; the Ekpyrotic (two string theory [membranes colliding and accounting for the origin of our) Universe theory; and, shock-horror for those interested in SETI , the total lack of any under-the-microscope, hardcore evidence whatsoever for any intelligent life forms anywhere out there other than intelligent terrestrial life forms (humans). Yet it is acceptable for scientists to research these areas without being subjected to having their sanity questioned. I fail to see why the UAP ETH is an exception to this. Even forget the UAP ETH – just the UAP enigma full-stop is off-limits. Be that as it may, it is.

Understandably for scientists, there is one very big and fundamental problem with UAPs. They tend to be unpredictable in time and space, and when they do show up; they don’t stand still and grant you an interview and allow you the leisure of taking out your yardstick or whatever other scientific instrument you care to name and measuring them.

But there are other case histories from the annals of science regarding ‘the nature of the evidence’ that have parallels with UAPs – physical phenomena that are unpredictable in time and space, that don’t stand still; that you can’t poke and prod, and that you can not put under the microscope and , examine at your leisure. These various phenomena; well ball lightning comes to mind; ditto Transient Lunar Phenomena (TLP); and you can’t rewind the clock and prepare for (instruments at the ready) and witness the one-off Tunguska event are akin to UAPs in that scientists lack the means to lock them down, isolate them, and study the unfolding event at their leisure. Yet, it is one rule for one (ball lightning, TLP,Tunguska); one rule for another (UAPs).

So there seems to be a double standard for acceptable evidence here. UAPs have apparently no verifiable evidence and a ‘giggle factor’; ball lightning and TLP have unverifiable evidence but no ‘giggle factor’, yet all of these have theoretical underpinnings that make their existence plausible. In the case of the UAP ETH, it’s the Fermi Paradox – that’s the ‘where are they, if they exist they should be here’ observation.

Ultimately the question here boils down to finding an answer (a smoking gun) to the question that humans have asked and speculated on for thousands of years – are we alone in the universe? There shouldn’t be any double standards employed when it comes down to addressing this issue. There are ultimately four choices: 1) We can choose not to answer the question because the world has bigger priorities than proving the existence of ‘little green men’; 2) we can, as SETI does, search out there, which obviously is a very logical thing to do even though it’s a proverbial ‘needle in the haystack’ search; 3) we can search down here – ancient astronauts and UAPs – which is a positive in that it restricts the haystack’s geography required to be examined, but on probability is less likely statistically that the needle will be there (another parallel being someone looking for a lost key underneath the lamppost just because the light’s better there); 4) or we can do both – search out there AND search down here and not put our quest for the ‘little green men’ into an either/or basket. Unfortunately, that’s way too idealistic a position to have accepted given the historical double standard already taken.

In conclusion, when it comes to the scientific community and evidence, there is often a double standard employed. There’s not one shred of physical evidence for string theory, yet it’s an accepted area of funded academic research and has been for decades. On the UAP issue, many scientists while happy to accept the accuracy of eyewitness testimony when it provides data that turns a UAP event into an IFO, for some strange reason reject eyewitness testimony when it reinforces the unidentified or unknown status of the UAP event. That’s another double standard. Go figure!

Of course the ultimate conclusion to be drawn is that scientists are human too and have their own agendas, backgrounds and personalities which can and do colour their belief systems. Apart from the ever logical Mr. Spock, is there any human, past or present (and probably future) who hasn’t at one time or other employed a double standard? Not that that makes the double standard acceptable of course, but theoretical idealism and practical reality is two very separate things.

So, the double standard fails because though sceptics and scientists rally against the UAP ETH, and perhaps they are right in their conclusions, sceptics and scientists aren’t all-knowing and often base their conclusions on faith or belief. They too are human with all the accompanying baggage that implies and they can, and do, make mistakes, and such is the case I believe when it comes to labelling the pro UAP ETH a pseudoscience. Once upon a time Galileo Galilei and Nicolaus Copernicus would have been considered pseudo-astronomers; Heinrich Schliemann (of Troy fame) someone who dabbled in pseudo-archaeology; Charles Darwin was a pseudo-naturalist; and Alfred Wegener, obviously put forth a theory (continental drift) that could only be described as pseudo-geology at the time. Even originally Albert Einstein was so far out in left field that his scientific seniors and superiors could easily have described his physics as pseudo-physics. Only time and history will be the judge whether or not the UAP ETH is or was pseudoscience or real science.

By T. Blank

My Official UAP Report Including My Drawings

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Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Could Life Be Swimming Beneath the Many Oceans in Space?

I’d be totally shocked if we didn’t find life right here in our Solar System, let alone in our galaxy. All the elements for life, as we know it, is everywhere in the Cosmos.

And there’s water everywhere!

Astronomers have spotted more than 100 new potential alien planets, including one in the fourth-closest star system to the sun, a new study reports.

This haul of newfound possible exoplanets, which have yet to be confirmed as bona fide alien worlds, comes from a new analysis of 20 years’ worth of data gathered by the HIRES (High Resolution Echelle Spectrometer) instrument at the Keck Observatory in Hawaii.

Check out this brief 2 minute video. Continue reading “Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Could Life Be Swimming Beneath the Many Oceans in Space?” »

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Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: The Close Encounters

This is my “Close Encounter” series. Each 22 minute video consists of two well documented cases each, (26 in all), investigated by MUFON.

Most of these cases are of a “High Strangeness” Nature.


We are MUFON














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Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon: Close Encounters – JAL

Part 1: JAL: NOVEMBER 17, 1986 – A Japanese airline crew is en route from Paris to Tokyo with a cargo load of Beaujolais wine. As Captain Terauchi and his crew are crossing Alaska, they encounter blindingly bright lights flying in their airspace. These lights illuminate the cockpit and seem to be keeping pace with the Boeing 747. Captain Terauchi then reports seeing two unidentified crafts, one the size of a ‘mothership’. The UFO is tracked by both ground and airborne radar, though its origins remain unknown.

Part 2: CRASH COURSE: AUGUST 27, 1979 – Deputy Sheriff Val Johnson is on patrol near Stephen, Minnesota in the early morning hours when he sees a beam of light shining down on the road ahead. As he continues to drive, the beam of light engulfs his car. Johnson briefly loses consciousness and wakes up to discover that he had skidded off the road and he’s suffering eye damage similar to welder’s burns. Both his wristwatch and the car clock have stopped for exactly 14 minutes.

By T. Blank

My Official UAP Report Including My Drawing

I’ve Seen Through The Looking Glass, Outside The Fishbowl


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