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“I’ve been around for a while…met a lot of interesting people…done some crazy things”.

Having said that…I’ve always been a man of science. Not a “UFO/ET Believer”!

What you’re about to read doesn’t make sense to me or the science’s we’ve all been taught in school.

First of all,

My site does not advocate the UFO/Alien conjecture regarding UAP’s as found all over the Venomous Web by self-proclaimed experts. This elusive global Enigma is not understood by our current science, technology, human comprehension and appears to defy our laws of physics…and even after decades of gathering evidence and research remains unsolved.

In my opinion, our science and technology simply have not caught up with it yet.

I am dedicated to the examination and analysis, with evidence, of the UAP/UFO Phenomenon. My purpose is to promote serious scientific interest in UAP/UFO Reality for Scientists, Academics, Investigators, and most importantly, the General Public.
T. Blank

It all started while growing up in a small northern town 1000 km’s (that’s 600 miles for my American friend), north of Toronto during the 60’s. Hearst, Ontario, Canada.

While I had somewhat of a normal life in Public school, however, I was a bit of a loner outside of school. Up north, the winters are long with short summers. In winter, most of the kids got together to play hockey, not me. I was out on our snowmobile, a 1960’s Ski-Doo Olympic, (with a massive 14 horsepower LOL), exploring the bush and the frozen rivers. In the summer, again, most kids played sports like basketball or baseball. Not me.

I’ve always been curious and loved nature. During the summers, I would be out with my brothers exploring the woods and rivers catching crayfish, frogs, snakes and following animal tracks. I once came across a gray ball in a neighbor’s garden, not knowing what it was I gently moved it with my foot. Next thing I know I was being stung by dozens of hornets. I ran into the street, swiping my body and crying that I was “stung by a bunch of bee’s” when a neighbor came out hearing my screams. A lesson about nature I learned painfully, LOL

What fascinated me the most was the night sky. Up north, there is literally no light pollution. The number of stars seen was spectacular. You can see the band of stars making up our galaxy, The Milky Way. The Aurora Borealis was also a sight to see, bands of dancing green “curtains” of light truly awed me. In school, science and nature were my favorite subject and excelled in these areas. I was also interested and drew pictures of dinosaurs and sharks, which also fascinated me.

I knew about the space program. During the Gemini missions, I watched the first spacewalk. I was hooked. I wanted to know everything about space and Man’s rocket program. Once my Dad videotaped me, (no sound), using his lit cigarette imitating how rockets took off and orbited the Earth. I was about 8 years old I think. In 1969 Man landed on the Moon. My dad and I were amazed as we watched the landing live on TV! I was even more fascinated. On several occasions, I went to the library to read about the Universe and rockets while listening to The Beatles.

We moved to Mississauga in 1970 and in high school, I again excelled in science and nature, everything else bored me. During these high school years, I learned about basic scientific truths. I had a fairly good grasp how science and nature works. This included paleontology, biology, prehistoric life, some history and more. Basically, I was a nerd and a freak (long-haired hippie), at the same time.

Generally, I understood certain laws of physics, biology, evolution and other Earth sciences. I couldn’t get enough of this stuff when I wasn’t partying and chasing girls that is. LOL

Then it happened.

Around 1980 when I was a real go-getter, chasing dreams, working every day, I saw something I didn’t understand. It was something my hardcore science brain just didn’t get. For the first half of this “experience”, my brain was trying to associate with something seen or experienced in my whole life before, to no avail. Every time I came to a conclusion, it went out the window. It didn’t make any sense. So I would come to another conclusion, then that went out the window as well. This jumping from one conclusion to the next occurred during the whole experience.

My hardcore wired “science brain” just couldn’t understand what was going on here. I was totally confused. This “thing”, didn’t fit into the real science world that I learned in and outside of school. In short, this object came from somewhere else. Some other reality. What reality? I still have no clue. It broke all the science rules that I learned over the years.

So I feel it’s my duty to share my experience with the world.

I’ve had a lot of exciting adventures in my life, from running dating services in the 80’s, (before it was fashionable on the web like these days), to Racing Snowmobiles and Single Seat, Open Wheel, Formula Cars, (See Below). But they all pale in comparison when I won the lottery……of sorts.

Please read about my One In A Million UFO/UAP Experiencethat was totally astonishing, shocking and overwhelming! I’m not an author or a writer, just a one finger typer.

I hope it will be an eye-opener for everyone as it was for me.

Click Here For More Information About The Phenomenon.

I’ve Seen Through The Looking Glass.

Cheers! T. Blank

My Official UAP Report Including My Drawings

I’ve Seen Through The Looking Glass


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Snowmobile Racing In My Teens. Nope, It’s Not Me…Same Racing Machine However!
(1973 Ski-Doo TNT Blizzard 340 cc) – #62

TNT Blizzard

More Motor Racing! It’s In My Blood. It’s In My DNA.

Flying At 210 KPH!

My Racing Days At Mosport, Ontario, Canada. Click On Pic For More

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